Ministry of Sound has held the heart and soul of London nightlife since 1991. Simply London’s number 1 Dance & House nightclub. The first club of its kind, built from the ground up, dedicated to sound! With state of the art sound systems, MOS walls ensure an unparalleled listening experience. MOS is a must-see in the London nightlife scene. The club has always existed through its number 1 rule: “the music comes first.”p>


Universally celebrated, Ministry Of Sound throws the most paramount parties the UK has ever seen. “Flagship all-night club from trailblazing global dance and house music brand.” MOS has transformed nightlife in London and is the core of the scene launching the as the world’s first nightclub with a “room build purely of exceptional sound quality.” Only the hottest nightclub in London, you are truly in for the most amazing experience treated by the world-renowned DJ’s each night!